A year after its establishment by leading Irish VFX companies Egg, Piranha Bar, Screen Scene and Windmill Lane, The VFX association of Ireland (VFXAI) continues to showcase Ireland as a center of excellence and a destination with VFX talent and scale. During its first year, with help from Enterprise Ireland and The Irish Film Board, VFXAI significantly raised the profile of the Irish VFX industry at home and worldwide.


The Irish Tax incentive has recently been re-shaped and as part of that process the input of VFXAI ensured the increased effectiveness of the incentive for the VFX industry in Ireland. In turn this makes it significantly easier and more attractive for producers and international studios looking to place VFX work in Ireland.


Underpinning all efforts is the quality of the VFX being produced by member companies for international clients and studios. The recognition of this work at international award ceremonies including the VES, Emmys and Baftas indicates the superb creative talent, production expertise and scale available in Ireland.


Over the last year VFXAI has established strong links with Screen Training Ireland and has had a positive impact on the level and type of training schemes available to prepare participants for a real world role in growing VFX industry.


VFXAI members offer the skills required by international productions looking to Ireland for VFX. The year ahead will see VFXAI continuing to work closely with Enterprise Ireland, The Irish Government, and Screen Training Ireland to expand the VFX sector in Ireland.


Our member companies offer scalable award winning VFX production along with a tax break specifically tailored to the requirements of the international visual effects market place, we look forward to working together with you.


Enquiries to info@vfxai.com


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