Irish VFX Studios nurture a growing high-skilled talent pool.

Ireland is concentrated on attracting talent from abroad and cultivating a VFX talent pool from home to work on exciting international productions.

With recent VFX credits in impressive and renowned productions like Kin, A Discovery of Witches, Zone 404, Stranger Things, Spiderman: No Way Home, Wanda Vision, Intergalactic, Sea Fever and many other exciting films and series under the belts of VFXAI member studios strengthened with world-class production support in Europe’s only English-speaking country. 

If you are a professional in the VFX industry, there are always great global projects to get first-class experience working on your craft here in Ireland. 

So, why Ireland?

Firstly, we have an excellent infrastructure that supports VFX producers, studios, and talent on a large scale. We are home to some fantastic VFX studios already, and this roster is continually expanding, meaning there are so many opportunities to work on new and exciting projects.

We are also located in a prime position, a stone’s throw away from the UK and mainland Europe, giving residents of Ireland ample travel opportunities. Ireland is also home to several technology hubs, with the likes of Facebook and Google housing their EU headquarters here.

With all of these benefits included, Ireland is the perfect choice for up-and-coming VFX talent or seasoned producers who want to migrate their skills to the industry in another country.

Suppose you are aspiring to have a career in VFX. In that case, we’d love to help you get your start in the VFX industry, match you with relevant training courses, and guide you on the best practices for breaking into VFX, building your career and pursuing your creative production dreams. 

Are you already working in the Irish market and looking for a change? We’re sure to have exciting upcoming projects that might interest you, alongside career development and upskilling workshops to peruse.

Do you want to work on your next production project in Ireland? Please drop us a mail to find out more.